Weight Issues?

Many of us are unknowingly damaging our health on a daily basis. 

What’s alarming is you probably don’t know it.

Our diets and lifestyles are fuelling the largest health challenge

ever known !

In the early 2000s, Leigh Elder developed Eat For Keeps. 

Through his books, workshops and teachings, thousands of people have achieved permanent weight-loss and have improved, or even turned, around Type 2 Diabetic conditions.

We’ve developed tailored programs to help you access Leigh’s life-changing knowledge.

In 10 simple steps you can

  • learn the key concepts of permanent weight loss
  • start applying these key concepts to your life – immediately

Imagine overcoming ALL your food and weight challenges and learning how to

Eat For Keeps!

The Eat For Keeps Experience: A Life-Saving Manual for People with Diabetes and Weight issues

This book is a unique, life-saving manual for anyone with weight and/or diabetes issues.

We have developed a simple and practical experience which has helped thousand’s of people lose weight permanently and many have improved/avoided Type 2 diabetic conditions.

EFK QuickStart is a 10 Day Programme designed to get you on track.

Learn how to make the right food choices, anywhere, anytime.

Perhaps you’re too busy to spend time preparing special food – no problem! We’ve got you covered.

You’ll love the easily implemented approach of EFK QuickStart. Find out more – watch this short video from EFK Founder Leigh Elder

In QuickStart you’ll learn about what food to choose

  • For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • At Work
  • What Bread
  • Snacks
  • When Eating Out
  • At the Supermarket

Plus you’ll learn the secrets of managing your blood sugar levels, the key to weight control.

We’ll cover easily implemented exercise options that work for most people regardless of time available and with or without equipment, we’ll talk about water and other drinks.

But most importantly, we’ll help you get the essential knowledge you need to make the right choices for you, without dieting and without going hungry.

Overweight? Worried about diabetes? Do you feel like you are always hungry? Do you lack energy? No time for your health?
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Wine, Chocolate and Living to 100!

Is It True That Wine and Chocolate Are Good for You? 

Red Wine? White Wine? Dark Chocolate? How Much? 

Find Out for Sure

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