Whether you have weight issues, are pre or type two diabetic or simply want to learn about nutrition, the EFK experience is an eLearning program that is designed to provide you with a concise road-code that you can immediately apply to your life.

The program is a self-guided immersive experience where you will learn the ‘key ideas’ in under an hour. You also have the opportunity to learn at a greater depth with additional interactive experiences including videos, activities and quizzes.

The great news is that EFK is not about depriving or starving yourself of the food you love… all it takes is a ‘few’ changes.

Simple, practical – no fads, no dieting.

What you will learn:

  • getting the right attitude
  • how to permanently manage your Blood Sugar levels
  • the secrets to achieving long-term weight loss and health
  • how to shop in any location and environment
  • move mindfully
  • how to overcome metabolic issues

The EFK Experience is available now for $10.00

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