We’ve helped thousands of people with diabetic conditions and helped thousands lose weight permanently

Eat For Keeps Quickstart program is a Simple, Practical 10 Day Program.

In 10 Simple Steps, You’ll Discover the EFK Method of Blood Sugar Control.

This is the Secret to Controlling Diabetic Conditions and to Permanent Weight Loss.

You can apply these key concepts to your Life – Immediately.

Pre-Diabetic ?

Lower Your Blood Sugar, Avoid Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetic ?

Lower Your Blood Sugar, Reduce or Eliminate Medication

Type 1 Diabetic ?

Know What to Eat, Anytime, Anywhere
The Cost of Uncontrolled Diabetes?

Amputation - Loss of Limbs


Heart Attack


Nerve Damage

Kidney Disease

But It Doesn’t Have to be This Way !

Change Your Life in 10 Days

Imagine Improving Your Diabetic Conditions and Overcoming ALL Your
Blood Sugar, Food and Weight Challenges

What’s Holding You Back?

What prevents people from improving their diabetic conditions and HbA1c or from losing weight permanently?

• Not Sure What to Eat
• Lack of Time 
• Diets Didn’t Work
• Don’t Like Exercise or Not Sure What Exercise to Do

Perhaps you’re too busy to spend time preparing special food? (not necessary!)

Perhaps you’re not sure what to eat?

Maybe you’re too busy to exercise or perhaps you just don’t like it?  

No problem! We’ve got you covered. 

With The EFK Method, you’ll discover how to make the right food and exercise choices, anytime, anywhere.

Exercise in as little as 10 minutes a day, no equipment needed. 

Simply make a few changes to your daily habits.

Quick fix food regimes and diets don’t last, they’re a thing of the past. 

Behavior change to achieve blood sugar control is the way forward.

It works. 

Join us and the thousands of people who’ve changed their lives with The EFK Method over the last 20 years.

EFK isn’t a diet, you don’t need to fast, you don’t even have to give up your favourite foods. 

EFK is a sustainable way to eat, exercise and live.

EFK offers simple guidelines that, once learned, are carried with you for the rest of your life.

Let us help make living well achievable and enjoyable for you.

You’ll love the easily implemented approach of EFK QuickStart.

Improve Diabetic Conditions

Improve Blood Sugar Control

Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

No Dieting, Get Lifelong Results!

It was in 2000 that Leigh Elder noticed that many of his coaching clients had Weight Issues, and increasingly, Diabetic Conditions.  

So Leigh developed some simple strategies and started coaching on blood sugar and weight control.

It worked – and the EFK Method was born!

Through Leigh’s books, workshops, corporate programs, coaching and teaching, thousands of people have achieved permanent weight loss and improved, or even turned around Pre Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetic Conditions.

With EFK, many people’s blood sugar – HbA1c – improvements and weight loss results have been so good that their Doctors have been able to reduce or eliminate their medication altogether!  

Nowadays, to reach more people, we’re delivering tailored online programs so that anyone can access Leigh’s life-changing, life-saving knowledge.

Leigh Says

“I’ve been a Physical Education Teacher, competitive sportsman, care home owner and a life and business coach.

Scarcely a day of my life goes by without me hearing about someone who has improved their diabetic condition or lost weight permanently, by using the simple process I have developed.

Over the years, with a dedicated team of people, I’ve developed an effective process to help individuals and wider communities with their diabetes and weight problems.

Our latest online resource, EFK QuickStart, is the culmination of all these years of experience.

We created it to help people with simple, practical concepts that have already positively changed the lives of thousands.

I believe this has the potential to help turn around the Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Epidemics, both in my home country New Zealand, and around the world.”

What You Will Get With QuickStart

Learn how to change your life in 10 Simple Steps and how to start
applying them immediately
to your life

Exclusive Content – The ‘10 Steps’ to a healthy life and weight will be delivered to you over a 10 day period, with supporting tips and videos from our weight-loss and nutrition experts

Community – join the EFK community, learn from each other and win prizes for sharing.
#efkchallenge, #efkfood

You’ll learn the secrets of managing your blood sugar levels
– this is the KEY to managing diabetes and to weight control

You’ll discover easily implemented exercise options that work for most people regardless of time available and with or without equipment, you’ll discover who should go grain free and why, and we’ll talk about water and other drinks.

But most importantly, we’ll help you get the essential knowledge you need to make the right choices for you, without dieting and without going hungry.

QuickStart FAQs

No. EFK is not about counting calories, going hungry or dieting. Quick-fix food regimes and diets don’t last, they’re a thing of the past. EFK is about making a few simple, permanent lifestyle changes.

EFK is all about you learning how to make the right food choices anytime, anywhere. You are armed with all the skills to do this so that you can easily make the right decisions.

The emphasis is on eating slow-digesting food that keeps you fuller for longer. You will find that your portion sizes take care of themselves. We also have a simple ’How much test’ which will help.

The science of the role of blood-sugar in digestion is well proven. EFK has a strong focus on this, and our continued success over 20 years justifies this method.

We have a strong community and a Private EFK Facebook Group. This well-connected community will be there to help you with any additional info or questions you may have.

One of the biggest questions people keep asking us is ”Listen, I’m super excited to join EFK QuickStart, but is there any way that I can get more personalized attention from Leigh, Craig, Rob and the EFK team?” 

The answer to that question is “Yes”. And it’s through something called the EFK One On One Coaching Program where you can work in a deeper way with an EFK Coach.

Ask us for details. 

This program will set you up well. If you need further metabolic support we can help you with this.

You are welcome to do this if it helps you. Generally, these simple and practical concepts of East For Keeps are enough to help you to get an effective lifestyle together, without regular note taking.

These ten steps are the essence of the proven EFK programme. EFK will help you to develop essential skills over ten days. You will then be equipped going forward, practising these skills every day.

Join QuickStart Today and You Will Receive The Done-For-You Two Week “EFK Meal Plan” with Vegetarian and Vegan Options.

Your other attempts probably involved some form of calorie restriction. This inevitably ended in disaster when you returned to normal portion sizes. EFK takes a different approach, you focus on the quality, not the quantity, of  food. Imagine losing weight and never being hungry again!    


Join Today and get these Special Bonuses!

  • EFK QuickStart, Value $297

  • Bonus 1 Value $47

    Weight Loss, Easy For Some, Not Others. Why?, Weight Loss Resistance, Why Diets and Calorie Counting Don’t Work and What to Do Instead. “Lumps Glue and Exercise” - A Doctor’s View

  • Bonus 2 Value $197

    “The Eat for Keeps Experience” - Leigh Elder’s second EFK book, Anytime EFK “Guilt-Free Snacks” Guide, Health Risk Assessment, Self-Assessment Quiz, EFK Workshop Video series

  • Community

    You’ll have access to our EFK QuickStart Private Facebook Group

Plus, you'll receive our Fast Action Bonus!

The Done-For-You Two Week “EFK Meal Plan” with Vegetarian and Vegan Options
value $97

Know What To Eat

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Out and About
  • At Work
  • Eating Out

The EFK Meal Plan

  • 2 week meal plan
  • Pantry staples, shopping lists
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options
  • How to apply all the EFK ideas in your food choices every day
You don’t want to miss this bonus!

Total Value $638  
You Pay Just $297
Less Than Half Price for the Entire Package

No-Risk Guarantee

To make it even easier for you to go ahead right now, we’re offering you a no risk money back guarantee:

Try out EFK QuickStart for 3 days

  • If you don’t like it
  • If it’s not for you

For any reason… 

  • We’ll give you your money back
  • Full refund
  • No questions asked. 

See What Others Say About Eat For Keeps

I started EFK QuickStart six weeks ago and have lost 8 kg. I haven’t felt hungry at all, I’m enjoying my food more than ever, I have more energy, better concentration, I’m spending less on food and ….. I found a whole lot of new clothes! The ones that used to fit me!​


EFK Team

My main goal with EFK was to get off my high blood pressure meds - and this has been achieved.
I have lost 11.5 kg (25 lbs) and 32 cm (13 inches) so that's a nice result so far.


Lost 11kg

I was 108 kg (238 lbs) my blood sugar was 23.6 and diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.

From understanding the EFK concepts I now am 20 kg (44 lbs) lighter, no longer a diabetic and am healthy and fit.


Lost 20kg

I was frustrated beyond belief and at my wits end with the see-saw juggle of food versus medication to stave off hypos. I had been in this limbo for many years and was really starting to worry about the effects it was having on my body.
I thank you so much for being given the opportunity of taking 'The Eat for keeps Challenge'. It has been an incredible life-changing journey.


A few years back, despite all my cycling and swimming, I used to weigh 100 kg! (220lbs)
A defining moment came when my doctor told me I was a whisker away from type 2 diabetes and I started following Eat For Keeps and knew people who had permanently lost weight using their ideas.
I lost 20 kg (44 lbs). I have maintained this ever since and intend doing so permanently. I am free from the threat of diabetes.


Lost 20kg

In August 2013, I was a 91.5 kg insulin-dependent, asthmatic. I was on 4 injections of almost 100 units of insulin a day and blood pressure, cholesterol, reflux, thyroid and asthma medication.
I met Leigh Elder, started following both the Eat For Keeps concepts and my new GP’s guidelines.
The only medication I take now is thyroxin and enjoy a healthy weight and life free from diabetes.
This course of action has saved my life.


One of my greatest challenges has been to overcome a serious weight problem which led to diabetes. I consulted a number of health professionals and tried a number of diets but could not make any headway.
In 2009 I had a consultation with EFK founder, Leigh Elder. I now have a really clear view on how and why I put on weight and have the skills and know-how to manage my weight, even when travelling around the world.
I have lost 15 kg (33 lbs) and my diabetes is now under control.

Tony Christiansen

Double amputee, world-class motivational speaker

I have been an adviser to EFK for a number of years and this is a program I would support the full development of.

Prof Cliff-Tasman-Jones

I'm a nurse working with many diabetics. EFK makes sense to me and I like the way that the concept allows us to decide on systems that work for us and doesn't involve restraint eating.
This practical approach will help us gain control over our weight and diabetes problems.


Imagine how’d you’ll feel

  • In control of your diabetic condition – Type 2 or Pre-Diabetes
  • Lighter
  • Healthier
  • More Energy
  • Fewer Health Issues

In 10 simple steps you can

  • Learn the key concepts of blood sugar control 
  • Learn the key concepts of permanent weight loss
  • Start applying these key concepts to your life – immediately.

Imagine overcoming  food and weight challenges and learning how to…

Eat For Keeps

EFK QuickStart - Just $97