Helping Kiwis Become More Nutrition Savvy Could Be A Game-Changer

It’s Like Providing A Drug-Free Vaccine!

Finally, we are getting to grips with living with Covid in New Zealand. Whilst this nasty pandemic has consumed the hearts and minds of Kiwis for the past two years, two other nasty twin epidemics, Obesity and Type 2 diabetes have been grinding their way inexorably to record numbers.

More than a third of our population is affected.  Diabetes alone accounts for around 10% of our total annual health budget, at a whopping 2.1 billion dollars. And worse still, that’s predicted to blow out to 65% higher wihtin twenty years. New Zealand is facing the same situation as all other developed countries.

But hang on… these are lifestyle diseases and easily sorted out with the right food and lifestyle changes! Right? If this trend was reversed and we reduced the diabetes numbers by the same percentage,  we may escape this catastrophic situation. And then, if we took the same approach to obesity…

Today I am going to tell you how we can achieve this, for very little cost. And how you might get involved, helping yourself and perhaps many others. 

Last week we launched a free online programme called The EFK Method.

This is based on the Eat For Keeps programme which, over the past twenty years has helped thousands of Kiwis with weight and diabetes issues.

Our proposition is very simple, if we can help Kiwis to understand some simple and practical information, we can potentially help hundreds of thousands more.

Let me explain why I am so confident that this can happen.

Back in 2002, as a life coach, I coached many people around weight and diabetes issues. It was apparent that they were very confused about nutrition and what they should be eating and drinking. I merged two life coaching principles together to find a solution that worked:

  1. Remove the “bumph” –  provide clear, specific and succinct information.
  2. Encourage people to find their own solutions to reach their goals.

I was amazed at how effective this combined approach was, and I still am today. It’s brilliant when you see people go from confusion to clarity, become confident that they are making the right food choices and are really taking ownership of what they are doing.

And the benefits are often life changing and include:

  • significant weight loss
  • less relliance on CPAP/sleep apnoea machines
  • imroved medical markers eg; blood-pressure
  • improved general health and wellbeing


Also, I found pre- Type 2 diabetics blood-sugar levels began to return to normal and Type 2 diabetics improved and sometimes reversed their conditions. No longer needing to inject insulin is a real boost to many. 


This video will give you some insight into how effective the programme is in a large workplace. 

These include companies like Fonterra and New World, medical practices, community groups and private clients.

While there have been so many successful outcome for staff in these large workplaces,  the momentum has dwindled over time… changes of ownership and staff turnover means diminished ongoing support at the end of each programme. So we are about to reintroduce the online programme to many of our former clients and influencers. 

Join Our FREE Online Programme – The EFK Method

This free online programme has been developed using our 20+ years of experience in helping people overcome
weight-related and diabetes-related issues.It’s a simple, practical guide and takes less than one hour to complete.

Get started now and tell all your friends and family about it.
Click on this link, follow the prompts and enter your details.
You will be directed back to the Home Page.
Go to My Dashboard in the top menu select ‘Edit’ and change your password.
You’ll see the EFK Method in your my My Courses tab.

There’s nothing like word of mouth and social proof to help get a big movement going! And we need your help to achieve this.

Even if you have no weight or diabetes issues yourself, you will still get some benefits by learning these simple and practical food and life skills. Pass the programme  on to your friends and family, its free and of so much value. 

The EFK Method can be completed in about an hour. You can immediately start to practice your new skills, at the supermarket or in a cafe or any other food outlet.