Congratulations for taking the first step in changing your health, weight and life.

By now you would have completed the quiz and identified your health goals. Armed with these insights you have now unlocked access to a ‘life changing experience’.

With the QuickStart program you can learn how to change your life in ‘Ten Simple Steps’ that you can apply to your life immediately.

Once you put the skills into practice you will be ready to learn the secrets to long term weight-loss for life.

Before you get started… we would like to take the opportunity to share some of the key ingredients that have led to the success of EFK and how you can apply them.

Congratulations for joining the EFK QuickStart program

When I look back on my school photos taken 50 years ago, a chubby or fat person was almost a rarity and I cannot remember ever hearing about a Type 2 diabetic. 

We ate a wide range of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and unlike today, we used to eat the fat on the meat, the skin on the chicken, and used butter freely. And every day at school they even gave us a bottle of full-cream milk to drink. 

As an adult this all changed, fat become demonised and the low-fat obsession exploded starting one of the world’s largest health crisis’s in the history of mankind. Since this obsession began weight related diseases have wiped out millions from our population and cost billions in healthcare.

Now we live in an obesogenic world where over half the people in developed countries are overweight or obese and type 2 diabetes is rife. 

Thankfully the world has finally woken up to the obsession with low-fat diets and has been replaced with a new balanced understanding of protein rich diets, fats and healthy carbs. Fat-rich food like butter, cream, cheese nuts, seeds and eggs are now firmly back on the menu.

EFK have been way ahead of this game, and for almost 20 years now, have helped thousands of people with their weight and diabetes problems.

People are STILL confused!

Even with a clear understanding that we need a balanced diet of proteins, fats and carbs we are ‘still’ confused.

Clean eating, paleo, the 4-hour body diet, cabbage soup diet, the morning banana diet are just some of the fads on show…

Almost without exception, the thousands of people we have met over the years are quite simply confused about what they should be eating and how best to manage their weight.

With the EFK approach we cut through this confusion by focusing on some simple steps and focused ideas.

We have loved seeing people experience the ‘light-bulb’ moments… when finally, people could see a clear path forward.

But one of our greatest insights and a key ingredient to success is this…

You need to be READY!

People have come to us in all shapes and sizes and ages, with wide ranging ethnicities, occupations and life experiences. Some have been “serial dieters”, while others had no dieting experience.

In almost every case, if they were ready they were successful.

The definition of ready, is to have the right attitude and be prepared to make a few permanent changes.

Most critically, people need to become better prepared in all the different situations they encounter and elevate their food choices from “whatever” to “what’s best”.

Our ready people did not make excuses – they simply do their best in any given situation.

Weight loss is easier for some than others age, gender, genetics and many other factors mean that some people will lose weight more easily than others.

It is key that people understand where they sit in this equation and adjust their expectations and attitude accordingly.

Mindfulness and Coaching

EFK originally came from a life coaching base where people need to largely find their own solutions and take responsibility.

Mindfulness is a welcome addition to this, where people have the ability to be able to take stock of their progress in a completely non judgemental way at any particular time.

Time is of the essence to many of you and we are delighted to be able to offer you a simple and affordable QuickStart program to help you get an effective EFK lifestyle up and running as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for choosing EFK, I am sure it will be a rewarding and potentially life-changing experience for you.”
Leigh Elder – Eat For Keeps founder.

What You Need To Know

The secret to success is through ‘blood-sugar’ control.

So what’s that?!!

Well don’t panic, it is very simple to understand.

We all need a certain amount of energy in our bodies… and we get that energy from a sugar called ‘glucose’.

Blood-sugar levels are affected by the amount of glucose in our bodies.

If we have too much glucose (energy) in our bodies, we convert this to fat… so that is how we put on weight!!